The Bug Whisperer

Some conversions with my (not so) little bugs:

Scene: The 5-year-old Butterfly is putting on her new snow jacket, readying herself to go to the bus stop for school.

Butterfly: Dad? Guess what?

Me: What?

Butterfly: My friend Tilly has this exact same snow jacket.

Me: How do tell them apart then?

Butterfly:  Well, hers is blue.  Also, it doesn’t have the sweater thing on the inside.  Also, it doesn’t have these extra pockets.  Also, it’s old.

Me: So in what way is Tilly’s snow jacket “the exact same” as yours?

Butterfly: It has a pink zipper.

Scene: I am sitting on the living room couch, while the 8-year-old Ladybug is resting across the couch using me as a foot rest.

Ladybug: Daddy, do you remember that piggie thing with the feet?

Me: “This little piggie goes to market?”

Ladybug: Yeah.

Me: What about it?

Ladybug: [ sighs ] You haven’t played that with me in a long time.

Me: You haven’t been 1 in a long time.

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