Quidditch, sure. But football?

Over the weekend was the 130th “Black Hills Brawl,” a football game putting my Komplexify U against our local rivals, Bone Head State University 1.  Now I’m not much of one for football (as evidenced here and here and here), but this was a special Brawl (in that it was a multiple of ten), and hence was worthy of being played on ESPN14.  So the family decided to go and watch it.  As we were getting ready, my daughters were discussing the game.

Butterfly: What kind of game is this again?

Ladybug: Football.

Butterfly: Will the Patriots be playing?

Ladybug: No.  This is NCAA college ball, not the NFL.

[ The Queen B and I stare in squint-eyed befuddlement at her. ]

Ladybug: What?

Queen B: I’m impressed you know the difference between the NCAA and the NFL.

Me: I’m impressed that you know the NFL exists at all.

I’m pretty sure this was my face.

The following day, the girls and I went out for lunch at the local burritoria.  Football was playing on the television in the background.

Butterfly: Dad, who’s playing?

Me: Uhhh… I dunno…. Maybe—

Ladybug: It’s Green Bay versus the Steelers.

Me: How do you know that?

Ladybug: I can tell by the uniforms.  Green Bay has the ugly green ones with that tacky “G” on it, and the Steelers are the white ones with the cute, multicolored stars.

Me: …..?

Ladybug:  I go to school with boys, dad.  I know the ugly jerseys from the cute ones.

At least the world makes sense again.

1 Komplexify U won. Woo hoo!

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