May the odds be ever in your flavor

The Ladybug: I get so confused between Liam Hemsworth and Chris Pratt.

Me: Who?

LB: Thor and Star Lord.

Me: Thor is Chris Hemsworth.

LB: Oh right.  Then who is Liam Hemsworth?

Me: He’s the guy in Hunger Games.  One of Katniss’ boyfriends.  Kale, I think.

LB: Gale.  “Kale” isn’t even a word.

Me: “Kale” is kind of cabbage.

LB: Cabbage?  You think they would they the name a guy after food?

Me: Why not?  They named her other boyfriend after Greek flatbread.

LB: …?

Me: Pita.  As in pita pocket.

LB: On my gosh.  They’re all named after food.  Maybe that’s why it’s called the Hunger Games.

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