Mea culpa

The other day, I joked that a “President Trump” would be something akin to “Immortan Joe” from Mad Max: Fury Road.

Which also makes awesome cosplay, FYI.

After some hurt feelings on Facebook, I am here to apologize.

I was wrong.  Donald Trump is nothing like Immortan Joe.

I mean, sure, they’re both loud, wild-haired, angry demagogues..

Nice teeth, though.

…who’ve racked up a bunch of trophy wives…

So many potential First Ladies to copy speeches from!

…and live in massive towers emblazoned with their “brand”…

And in Joe’s case, a literal brand.

…and have gotten rick by screwing workers over through trickle-down economic policies.

And in Joe’s case, literal “trickle-down.”

And, yeah, they both surround themselves with sycophantic offspring…

Yay, Dad!

…while expressing their admiration for thuggish dictators…

“Bullet Farmer, if you’re listening, I hope you find those emails.”

…and their movements are both largely supported by angry white dudes…


… that’ll still get defeated by a kick-ass chick in the end.



Donald Trump is orange.  Immortan Joe is white.

Also, Joe has a six pack.

Completely. Different. Guy.

And so, I apologize.

Trump is an angry, authoritarian, narcissistic, tower-living, power-hungry, ORANGE tyrant.

“Solemnly swear to [vote for] me… I will never ever let you down.” — Donald Trump

So I totally should have realized that Trump is CLU from Tron: Legacy.

“Be true to me, and I will never betray you!” — CLU

Whew.  I feel better now.

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