Winning move

SCENE: Game Theory class. I am discussing the Nash arbitration axioms for finding a cooperative fair bargain in a game involving two players called “Rose” and “Colin.”

Me: … and since the payoffs are non-transferable, it doesn’t matter to Colin if Rose changes the units of her payout. Suppose, for example, she suspects Donald Trump will win next Tuesday, and so she wants to convert her dollar winnings into pesos to make life easier when she moves to Mexico.

Student #1: Why wouldn’t Rose move to Canada?

Me: Because if she moves south, there will be a big wall that separates her from Trump.

Student #2: Are you saying you’re worried that Trump will win on Tuesday?

Me: I said nothing of the sort. I was only suggesting, by way of example, that Rose is.

Student #2: Why would Rose vote for Clinton? Is it because she’s a woman?

Me: Of, of course not. It’s because we assumed she’s intelligent and rational.

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