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Still dumbfounded from last night’s election. When I told the Ladybug the result this morning, and she was visibly depressed by it. To her, Hillary represented something to aspire to: a woman who studied hard, excelled in school, had a … Continue reading

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Girl power

Ladybug: Ugh. This boy in my class kept saying how if Hillary gets elected, then everyone in the world will be dead three days after she becomes president. Me: Ooooooooooooooookay. LB: And he kept calling her “Killary.” “Killary’s gonna kill … Continue reading

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Pacific dim

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Return to sender

My department mailbox of full of homework I have yet to grade, but need to soon. They’re the bills of academia.

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Winning move

SCENE: Game Theory class. I am discussing the Nash arbitration axioms for finding a cooperative fair bargain in a game involving two players called “Rose” and “Colin.” Me: … and since the payoffs are non-transferable, it doesn’t matter to Colin … Continue reading

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