Pep talk

Scene: The Ladybug has a gymnastics meet, and so I am talking to her and the Butterfly, trying to calm her nerves.

Ladybug: I’m so nervous about the gymnastics meet.

Me: Don’t worry. Just take a deep breath, do your best, and remember to present in the direction of the judges this time.

Ladybug: Thanks, dad.

Me: Also, if one of the other girls looks like she’s doing better than you, just shoot spit-wads at her during her routine.

Ladybug [in shock]: What?

Me: Joking.

Butterfly: Good one, Dad.

Me: And YOU [looks at the the Butterfly]… you DON’T shoot spit-wads at the other girls during the meet, alright?

Butterfly: What? Why would you say that to me?

Ladybug [still in shock]: I couldn’t do that to someone… Besides, I don’t even know how to make a spit-wad.

Butterfly: Oh, oh, oh!!! I do!! I DO!!

Me: And that’s why I say that to you.

As a an addendum…
The Ladybug took 1st Place All-Around!

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