No more pep talks

Speaking of gymnastics…

On Tuesdays, I drive home four girls from the gym: the Butterfly, the Ladybug, and her friends Malia and Sara. As such, I overhear their conversations about the day’s workout. This is one of those times…

Malia: … and that’s when I split the beam.

Ladybug: You split the balance beam? Ouch.

Me: Wait, what? You broke the balance beam?

Malia: No, I splitĀ the beam.

Me: And that’s not breaking it?

Malia: No, it means… well, it means… [she turns all red and starts to stammer]

Ladybug: No, I means she… well, she kinda… [she turns all red and starts to stammer too]

Sara: It means she CROTCHED it.

Me: …

Me: New rule. Don’t let me ask you guys any more gymnastics questions from now on.

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