Hidden figures

SCENE: The Ladybug has taken the day off from school, recovering from influenza.  I have just returned home after dropping the Butterfly off at gymnastics. 

Me: Hi honey. How’s the Ladybug doing?

Queen B: She’s fine. She’s trying to get her math homework done, but she needs to know her group’s number to get it done.

Me: Bummer.

Queen B: That’s okay. She’s FaceTime-ing a friend to find out.

[ At this moment, the Ladybug enters the room. She’s carrying several rolls of toilet paper, evidently restocking her bathroom. ]

Queen B: So did you find out what number it was?

Ladybug: Yeah. It was 16.

Me: [ Staring at all the toilet paper she’s carrying. ] I would have guessed it was Number 2.

[ Pause ]

Ladybug: Ewwwww, gross.

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