Noblest profession

So, first thing I do today is attempt to erase something from the blackboard, but somehow I managed to not only not erase the chalkboard, but have the eraser fly from my hands directly into my face, covering my glasses completely in bright blue chalk dust.

Yes, I am that coordinated.

So, I remove my glasses, clean them, and continue on.

I teach a group of grade-schoolers about snowflakes’ 6-point symmetry and teach them how to make 6-pointed paper snowflakes.

I teach a group of college students how to use Maple as a tool for checking derivatives and antiderivatives.

I work with a group of students in office hours through some particularly nasty improper integrals.

I sit with an advisee and map out his schedule for the next two semesters.

I finally go use the restroom and upon seeing myself in the mirror for the first time all day, suddenly realize that not a single one of those little fuckers bothered to mention that my nose was still bright blue and covered in chalk dust.

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