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Me: It’s a 32 ounce refill. Cashier: Okay… that’s 96 cents. M: Here’s 5 bucks. C: Your change is…. 4-0-4. Heh heh. 4-0-4. Change not found. M: That’s pretty funny. C: I guess someone cleared out the cache. M: That’s … Continue reading

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The hero we deserve, not the one we need

About week ago, a friendĀ of mine who teaches at UNI posted this on Facebook: Math Joke Emergency! In less than three hours I will be lecturing on finding equations of conic sections by rotating and translating a conic in standard … Continue reading

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Toe-may-toe, tuh-mah-toe

As a bonus, here’s an old sketch from the G20 summit I never quite finished:

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Mueller-Man vs Orange man

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8-bit self-portrait

Just ’cause.

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