Scene: A family outing for breakfast. The Butterfly is playing with the kid’s menu/activity page.

Butterfly: Wanna play Mad-Libs?

Me: Sure.

BF: Adjective?

Me: “Rotund.”

BF: What?

Me: It means fat.

BF: Oh. Animal?

Me: “Echidna.”

BF: What?

Me: It’s a spiny ant-eater.

BF: Oh. Heavy object?

Me: “The Colossus of Rhodes.”

BF: What?

Me: It’s a big statue.

Mom [growing annoyed]: Why not “Thor’s Hammer”? That’s heavy.

BF: Dad said his first. Past-tense verb?

Me: “Hammered.”

Mom [sarcastically]: Ha… ha.

Me: Thor loser.

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