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We would also accept “GING NARCISS”

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Stopped clock

Because he is a white nationalist, Forty-Five tweeted at four minority congresswomen to “go back where they came from.” Because he is a racist, Forty-Five called those places “totally broken and crime-infested” that need to be fixed. Because he is … Continue reading

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This makes me feel sad: A local news outlet news just reported that the Obama addition to Rapid’s “City of Presidents” statuary will be unveiled on Saturday, and the Facebook comments are largely what you’d expect: angry, often misinformed, and … Continue reading

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Meme therapy

InĀ order for colonists to express their political and social views in 1776 (namely, that they should form their own sovereign society independent from England), they outlined them in a document, supported by both a philosophic argument and a list of … Continue reading

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