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Freedom is the right of all sentient beings, but compliments are nice too

I occasionally get comments on YouTube for my Calculus 3 lectures, and while most are nice, this one was especially so:

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The banality of evil

This is the clock at my daughter’s physical therapy.  That’s just mean, man.

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Birdhouse in your soul

They Might Be Giants’ album Flood was released 30 years ago. That means, statistically speaking, the blue canary in the outlet by the light switch who watches over you has been dead for at least two decades.

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From a certain point of view…

Yesterday’s post struck a nerve, apparently. Question: I am curious. How does sidelining characters who are of less importance make something “toxic”? D oesn’t that make it a story? Response: First off, I make no such claim. I suggested a … Continue reading

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