Walter Scott

Walter Scott was a 50-year-old forklift operator who studied massage therapy in North Charleston, South Carolina. He was Coast Guard veteran and the father of four children. Though he had had run-ins with the law over missed child-support payments, he was loving dad and a devout Christian who sang in the choir and called his mother every single day.

Walter Scott was murdered by police on April 4, 2015, at a traffic stop. Pulled over for a broken taillight but fearing he would be arrested again for child-support debts, he fled the scene. A cop pursued him and tased him at close range. Walter tried to flee again, and when he was 20 feet away the cop unloaded 8 shots into his back, hitting him 5 times. Though the cop claimed to perform CPR after, later video revealed he instead attempted to stage the scene with his discarded Taser. The cop would be sentenced for murder.

Black lives matter.

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