Michael Lorenzo Dean

Michael Lorenzo Dean was a jokester, according to his brother. The 27-year-old Texan was witty and was always finding new ways make people laugh. He was a devoted Christian, priding himself on his role as shepherd of his three daughters, and known for typical his response to any good news: an exuberant “Praise God, praise God!” that made people smile and laugh. He was working two jobs AND pursuing a business degree from Temple College but was never too busy to call his friends and family, and never too proud to tell them “I love you.”

Michael Lorenzo Dean was murdered by police on December 2, 2019, for speeding. A cop pulled behind his car and turned on the cruiser’s lights. Michael continued driving for a while, but eventually pulled over at an intersection. According to the police dashcam (which has not yet been made public), the cop approached the still running car with his weapon drawn and finger on the trigger. He reached into the passenger window to turn off the vehicle and shot Michael in the head. The cop has been arrested for manslaughter, though the case has not been presented to a grand jury yet.

Black lives matter.

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