Rekia Boyd

Rekia Boyd always lit up the room. The 22-year-old grew up in Chicago and its suburbs. She loved cooking and was great at it; she loved singing and was… not so great at it. Rekia was sweet and trusting and had a knack for making friends. According to her brother, “she would leave for a second and come back with four or five people [and say] ‘Hey, these my friends, y’all!’” She was also keenly aware of the issue of violence against women, and she dreamed of being able to create a safe place in Chicago for women and children.

Rekia Boyd was murdered by police on March 21, 2012, for making too much noise. She was with friends who were partying and listening to music in Douglas Park. Around 1 AM, an off-duty, out-of-uniform cop in the park drove up to them and demanded they keep the noise down. The cop got into a verbal altercation with Antonio, one of the partygoers, who told him to get his “ass out of here.” The cop responded by opening fire on the group, killing Rekia and wounding Antonio. He would claim Antonio had a gun, but he was only carrying a cell phone. He was charged with manslaughter, but a judge dismissed the charges.

Black lives matter.

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