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Happy Star Wars Day! The best order for watching the Star Wars movies is: 4, 5, 3, 6, X, 7, 8. where X is any subset of { Episode 1, Episode 2, Rogue One, Solo } watched any order. Welcome, you are.

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Cross product

Twitter is roasting Donald Trump for wishing “A HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY TO ALL”, and yet no one is giving him credit for not following it up with “HOW’S IT HANGIN?” Sad.

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Apropos of nothing, according to one of my Scandinavian colleagues, what we in the States refer to as “helicopter parents” are in Sweden called “curling parents,” because they spend all their time sweeping away any obstacle in front of their child. I … Continue reading

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Can’t wait to see the May flowers

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Good counsel

I am still getting emails from the Mad Dad with whom I spoke yesterday. I’m not sure if I opened Pandora’s box, but this was my email response to him (some names have been changed to protect the innocent; I have … Continue reading

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