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With great power…

To: Senators Thune and Rounds I am writing to express by unhappiness and disappointment with the current government shutdown, and more particularly, the circumstances that have lead to it. Despite assurances from the President on his widely televised “Look, Michael … Continue reading

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I just filled out the Trump Media Accountability Survey (which I will not link to, but which you can easily Google for yourself).  Unfortunately, it wants $35 before it’ll show me any results.  Nice grift. However, for posterity’s sake, here … Continue reading

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Me: Did you do anything cool in school today? Butterfly: We did STEAM activities today. I learned about Andy Wormhole. Me: Who now? Butterfly: Andy Wormhole. He painted soup cans. Me: Ah. Andy Warhol. Butterfly: Oh yeah. Me: Yep. Butterfly: … Continue reading

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I want the long-form physical form, please

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Talkin’ shit

If you are arguing about whether or not Forty-Five actually used the term shit hole[1], or whether or not said countries (due to their standard of living, or natural disasters, or corrupt governments, or what not) actually are shit holes, … Continue reading

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