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Birdhouse in your soul

They Might Be Giants’ album Flood was released 30 years ago. That means, statistically speaking, the blue canary in the outlet by the light switch who watches over you has been dead for at least two decades.

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From a certain point of view…

Yesterday’s post struck a nerve, apparently. Question: I am curious. How does sidelining characters who are of less importance make something “toxic”? D oesn’t that make it a story? Response: First off, I make no such claim. I suggested a … Continue reading

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Make the Galaxy Great Again

The Rise of Skywalker frames its hero as having a powerful family name and (grand)daddy issues, actively undoes everything the previous movie did, and sidelines its minority characters to satiate its most toxic, sexist, and racist fans. In other words, … Continue reading

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Every university program in the United States has a CIP (Classification of Instructional Program) code. For example, Mathematics is 27.0101 and Biomedical Engineering is 14.0501. I only bring this up because I am amused that the CIP code for Computer … Continue reading

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All I want for Christmas…

About to see Star Wars 9. My Christmas wish is that Rey’s parents remain dead drunkards, the Force now belongs to everybody, and after Rey and Co defeat the First Order, she starts a new egalitarian, non-Jedi group of Force … Continue reading

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