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When God closes one door, he drives a truck through another

A postscript to yersterday’s post. I left a message with Black Hills Doors about my smashed up garage door, knowing that since they were closed on the weekends, I wouldn’t hear back from them until Monday to even schedule a repair estimate. … Continue reading

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Bad moon rising

This week… I was accused of “waging war” against the other departments of my university, I was told by parents and coaches I’m enabling “educational terrorism” against students, and I drove my truck through my garage door. At this rate, … Continue reading

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USA. The “S” stands for Sharpie.

February 2, 2020.  Apropos of nothing, the Trump Administration releases an updated map of the United States.

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Freedom is the right of all sentient beings, but compliments are nice too

I occasionally get comments on YouTube for my Calculus 3 lectures, and while most are nice, this one was especially so:

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