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No more pep talks

Speaking of gymnastics… On Tuesdays, I drive home four girls from the gym: the Butterfly, the Ladybug, and her friends Malia and Sara. As such, I overhear their conversations about the day’s workout. This is one of those times… Malia: … Continue reading

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Pep talk

Scene:┬áThe Ladybug has a gymnastics meet, and so I am talking to her and the Butterfly, trying to calm her nerves. Ladybug: I’m so nervous about the gymnastics meet. Me: Don’t worry. Just take a deep breath, do your best, … Continue reading

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Now THERE’s the droids you were looking for

Me: Hey kids, did you know R2-D2 and C-3PO are in Raiders of the Lost Ark? Bugs: Nuh-uh. Me: Yeah-huh. See? Kids: Whoaaaaaa… PARENTING WIN.

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Still dumbfounded from last night’s election. When I told the Ladybug the result this morning, and she was visibly depressed by it. To her, Hillary represented something to aspire to: a woman who studied hard, excelled in school, had a … Continue reading

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Girl power

Ladybug: Ugh. This boy in my class kept saying how if Hillary gets elected, then everyone in the world will be dead three days after she becomes president. Me: Ooooooooooooooookay. LB: And he kept calling her “Killary.” “Killary’s gonna kill … Continue reading

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