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Me: WHOA! You can wiggle your ears? Butterfly: Yes… See? Me: How do you do that? Butterfly: I just wiggle my ear muscles. Me [ tries ]: I’m trying, but all I’m doing is clenching by butt.

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You can’t spell “sass” without “ass”

The Butterfly, who just turned 8 on Monday, has always had something of a blue streak. For example, on the morning of her third¬†birthday, she woke up in her crib, sat up, blearily surveyed the blankets and binkies littered about … Continue reading

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One fish, two fish, red fish, whooooooooa

Scene: The Butterfly, who is in second grade, is reading a book at the table with some apparent difficulty. The Butterfly: One… little… dog… going… in… Me: You realize you’re reading a preschool book, right? The Butterfly: I know. It’s … Continue reading

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Get off my lawn

Scene: the family is in the living room, and “The Towering Inferno” is on the television. Ladybug: This is an interesting movie. Queen B: It’s called The Towering Inferno. It’s a classic disaster movie. Ladybug: It looks like an old … Continue reading

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Democracy in action

Today, the Ladybug¬†and I got letters back from our Senators! The Ladybug, back in December, sent letters to Senators Round and Thune and Representative Noem asking them to propose an amendment that would allow foreign-born adopted children to run for … Continue reading

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