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Shorter Presidential Debate #2

The Butterfly: Oh man, just duck-tape that guy’s mouth already.

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104 days of summer vacation

Scene: a family car ride. The Ladybug and I have just finished singing the chorus to “Summer (Where Do We Begin)” from Phineas and Ferb. Ladybug: I miss that show. We should watch a Phineas and Ferb marathon. Mom: Jeez, … Continue reading

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Moments from Mount Rushmore

A scene from Mount Rushmore: Ladybug: Dad, was the first President a grumpy old guy? Me: What? Ladybug:  Was the first President a grumpy, old guy?  Like, mean? Me: I… don’t know… He was in his 50s when he became … Continue reading

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DCeja vu

I was watching Man of Steel on FX.  Early on in the movie, General Zod bursts into a Kryptonian counsel meeting to establish that he’s going to be the principal antagonist in this movie.  The Ladybug, who had previously been … Continue reading

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May the odds be ever in your flavor

The Ladybug: I get so confused between Liam Hemsworth and Chris Pratt. Me: Who? LB: Thor and Star Lord. Me: Thor is Chris Hemsworth. LB: Oh right.  Then who is Liam Hemsworth? Me: He’s the guy in Hunger Games.  One … Continue reading

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