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Well, it’s been a week since the election, and for the most part the world has restored itself to the pre-campaign status quo: Obama in the White House, Democrats in the Senate,   Republicans in the House.   Most of … Continue reading

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Republican Platform 2012: a useful summary

So the Republican National Convention is over. Chris Christie yelled, Paul Ryan lied, Clint Eastwood debated an empty chair, and Mitt Romney tried to reproduce human emotions and blew out his CPU. Somewhere in the middle, God’s Own Party hammered … Continue reading

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I try to be funny here at komplexify… I really do.  (Whether I succeed is another issue entirely.)  However, sometimes the sheer stupidity and vitriol of the world just defies my ability to put a humorous spin on it, and … Continue reading

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It's coexistence or no existence

While driving around town today, I saw a cool bumper sticker.  It simply read C O E X I S T with each letter doubling as a symbolic representation of a different elaborate, often uplifting, and occasionally dark worldview, apparently … Continue reading

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Bubble gum and ponies, and rainbows and happy thoughts…

… are not going to be the topics of today’s conversation.  I got bogged down this weekend in a protracted and eventually caustic Facebook argument over same-sex marriage.  The only silver lining to the situation was the support I got … Continue reading

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