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Good night, sweet prince: and flights of masked heroes and mutants sing thee to thy rest.

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American pie

Someone just asked me what my favorite pie was and I said “355/113, but 22/7 will do in a pinch” and they just stared at me for a loooong time. Totally worth it.

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Time is on my side, yes it is

Me: …and a downward acceleration of 10 (feet per second) per second. Student: Do you mean 10 feet per square second? Me: I do not. I have no intuitive or explanatory idea about what a “square second” is or what … Continue reading

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According to Quanta: Titans of Mathematics Clash Over Epic Proof of ABC Conjecture All I can think of: Actual trash talk from the paper: Behold my utter astonishment and even disbelief that such manifestly erroneous misunderstandings could have occurred. DAYUM. … Continue reading

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Cowculus: understanding curves with cows

(Credit where credit is due: This is an homage to (shameless plagiarism of?) an original, awesome, and widely shared Facebook post by Amirul Faiz.)

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