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Code Red

WaitingRoom { DeangelosMomsShame := 0; EverybodyElsesPatience := 100; while( DeangelosMomsShame < 1 ) do { Deangelo( DoBadThingNumber( RandInt(1..10) ) ); DeangelosMom( Say( “Stop that, Deangelo” ) ); Deangelo( Ignore( All ) ); DeangelosMomsShame := DeangelosMomsShame; EverybodyElsesPatience := EverybodyElsesPatience – 10; … Continue reading

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Happy Vulcantine’s Day

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I is a strange loop

I’ve just noticed that the label on my campus mail cubbie now reads: KOMPLEXIFY, TRAVIS i DEPT. HEAD I assume the “i” is meant to stand for “Interim,” but my complex analysis background suggests it should stand for “imaginary.” I … Continue reading

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Calculus is coming

It turns out that this year’s MCM — the Mathematical Contest in Modeling — had a “Game of Thrones”-inspired question about modelling the ecological considerations needed for dragons to thrive in the various terrains of Westeros. So what kind of … Continue reading

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