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Cowculus: understanding curves with cows

(Credit where credit is due: This is an homage to (shameless plagiarism of?) an original, awesome, and widely shared Facebook post by Amirul Faiz.)

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Disregard females, acquire currency

I have been trying to figure out why Forty-Five is suddenly so interested in space. Then it hit me… He’s obsessed with acquisition. He’s only interested in profit and trade. He’s an unscrupulous businessman. He’s unapologetically misogynistic. He’s got sharp … Continue reading

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Now you’re playing with power

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Meme the Force be with you

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Student: Hey Professor, can you tell me what grade I’m getting in the class? Me: An F. Student: You didn’t look in the gradebook. Me: I didn’t need to. Evidence A: you haven’t turned in any homework this entire semester. … Continue reading

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