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Scene: the dinner table at the Komplexify home Me: … and what did I draw for your napkin today again? Ladybug: How to Train Your Dragon. Me: Oh, right. Now for the bonus question: what breeds of dragon were on … Continue reading

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Now THERE’s the droids you were looking for

Me: Hey kids, did you know R2-D2 and C-3PO are in Raiders of the Lost Ark? Bugs: Nuh-uh. Me: Yeah-huh. See? Kids: Whoaaaaaa… PARENTING WIN.

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Zero-sum, part 2

Game Theory Final grading… The core… UR DOING IT WRONG.

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Never bring a differential operator to a knife fight

This is probably my new favorite instructional gif:

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Speaking of Indiana Jones…

While I’m on that theme…

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