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Winning move

SCENE: Game Theory class. I am discussing the Nash arbitration axioms for finding a cooperative fair bargain in a game involving two players called “Rose” and “Colin.” Me: … and since the payoffs are non-transferable, it doesn’t matter to Colin … Continue reading

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Dennis the Phantom Menace

I’m out taking Cauchy for a walk around the neighborhood when I spy a father and his son, no doubt getting ready for Halloween, dressed in Jedi robes and have a lightsaber fight on their front lawn. As we approach, … Continue reading

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Happy Vater’s Day

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Math jokes are the best. And by “best,” I mean “worst.”

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Think inside the box

A conversation at the gas station. Clerk: Nice TARDIS hoodie. Me: Thank you. Clerk: It looks a little small to fit me though, except…. Me: …. Clerk: It’s probably bigger on the inside.

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