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Zero-sum, part 2

Game Theory Final grading… The core… UR DOING IT WRONG.

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Zero-sum, part 1

Finishing up writing my final exams.  I am particularly proud of the last problem on my Game Theory final: Update 1 Sadly, my department head nixed this problem as is; or rather, he wouldn’t let me do it without having students … Continue reading

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Never bring a differential operator to a knife fight

This is probably my new favorite instructional gif:

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Birthday puzzle

Today is my birthday. Being a mathematician, I noted that my age is the p-th prime number. Interestingly, p is itself a prime number, and if I add up all the prime numbers from 2 to p, I get my … Continue reading

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Clues that you probably aren’t doing your Real Analysis homework correctly

1. You include the phrase “If we stop and think about this abstractly for a minute.” 2. You invent new verbs you feel need to be encased in quotation marks, e.g. The set A is “functioned” to the set B. … Continue reading

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