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Apropos of nothing, according to one of my Scandinavian colleagues, what we in the States refer to as “helicopter parents” are in Sweden called “curling parents,” because they spend all their time sweeping away any obstacle in front of their child. I … Continue reading

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Good counsel

I am still getting emails from the Mad Dad with whom I spoke yesterday. I’m not sure if I opened Pandora’s box, but this was my email response to him (some names have been changed to protect the innocent; I have … Continue reading

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Rookie mistake

So I just finished a “crucial conversation” with an irate parent demanding I fire one of my professors for the crime of terrorizing his straight-A student with a failing exam grade. While demanding to know how this happened, I asked … Continue reading

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Without loss of generality

Grading gem from last week’s exam: “Select six integers at random. Let them be 1, 5, 4, 7, 9, and 3.”

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Bad moon rising II

So in the space of 24 hours, both my presentation at the Sanford Deep Underground Lab AND my keynote address at the MAA section meeting have been cancelled. To no one in particular, I joked: “They say it’s the coronavirus, … Continue reading

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