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Every university program in the United States has a CIP (Classification of Instructional Program) code. For example, Mathematics is 27.0101 and Biomedical Engineering is 14.0501. I only bring this up because I am amused that the CIP code for Computer … Continue reading

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More adventures in grading

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Adventures in grading

PROBLEM. Consider the following premises: All pianists dislike synthesizers. Beth is not a pianist. What conclusions, if any, can be drawn? CORRECT SOLUTION. No conclusion can be drawn. INCORRECT SOLUTION. Beth likes synthesizers. REALLY INCORRECT SOLUTION. Beth is a synthesizer.

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Pax Romana

In honor of “National Boss’s Day,” my thoughtful faculty got me a card that included the message No one has threatened to burn you in effigy. Yet. I’m not sure if I feel appreciated or threatened.

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Meme therapy

InĀ order for colonists to express their political and social views in 1776 (namely, that they should form their own sovereign society independent from England), they outlined them in a document, supported by both a philosophic argument and a list of … Continue reading

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