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The hero we deserve, not the one we need

About week ago, a friendĀ of mine who teaches at UNI posted this on Facebook: Math Joke Emergency! In less than three hours I will be lecturing on finding equations of conic sections by rotating and translating a conic in standard … Continue reading

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Moove it

I drove by a pasture and I watched as a herd of running cattle raced around its periphery, making sharp right-angled turns at each of its corners with speed and surprising grace, over and over again as if running laps … Continue reading

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Fun facts

Fun fact for you: In 1990, I flipped over my bike in a spectacular crash, resulting in me breaking my clavicle and knocking out a chunk of my two front teeth. As a result, part of my two front teeth … Continue reading

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I’m at the pediatric dentist’s office today, waiting for my kids to finish their appointment. The television in the waiting room is playing The Incredibles, and it gets to the part when Dash Parr races across the lake to evade … Continue reading

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Ever have one of those mornings when you’re walking to work and you see a bumblebee buzzing near your feet so you kick the air around it to shoo the insect away only to realize that it has actually flown … Continue reading

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