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Three stories before a road trip

Queen B: … And put that thing next to the other thing. No, not that thing, THAT thing. Yes, that thing. By the other thing. Me: [ puts the thing by the other thing ] QB: Thank you. Sorry if … Continue reading

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Code Red

WaitingRoom { DeangelosMomsShame := 0; EverybodyElsesPatience := 100; while( DeangelosMomsShame < 1 ) do { Deangelo( DoBadThingNumber( RandInt(1..10) ) ); DeangelosMom( Say( “Stop that, Deangelo” ) ); Deangelo( Ignore( All ) ); DeangelosMomsShame := DeangelosMomsShame; EverybodyElsesPatience := EverybodyElsesPatience – 10; … Continue reading

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Personal discovery: of the many ways to greet random passers-by in a friendly, socially-acceptable manner, “My dog has that same jacket” is not one of them.

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Me: It’s a 32 ounce refill. Cashier: Okay… that’s 96 cents. M: Here’s 5 bucks. C: Your change is…. 4-0-4. Heh heh. 4-0-4. Change not found. M: That’s pretty funny. C: I guess someone cleared out the cache. M: That’s … Continue reading

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The hero we deserve, not the one we need

About week ago, a friendĀ of mine who teaches at UNI posted this on Facebook: Math Joke Emergency! In less than three hours I will be lecturing on finding equations of conic sections by rotating and translating a conic in standard … Continue reading

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