I'd shoot myself if I taught history

Snippets of a conversation I overheard while eating lunch at Komplexify U’s snack bar:

Student 1: I heard that they’re making a National Treasure 2.   They’re filming up at Mount Rushmore and they’re looking for extras.

Student 2: Sweet!   I hear that extras get paid, like, $40 a day.   You can easily pocket $1000 just for showing up.

Student 1: Yeah, and you get royalties from the movie too.

Student 2: Sweet!

Student 1: I guess the plot is that Nicolas Cage uncovers the truth about Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.   He like finds the missing 16 pages of John Wilkes Booth’s diary.

Student 2: I heard it was Jefferson’s diary.

Student 1: Oh yeah… I guess that makes more sense.

Student 1: I heard the film crew cancelled Hill City’s prom at Rushmore so they could film there at night.

Student 2: Yeah.   Nicolas Cage is a dick.

Student 2: I wonder why they’re at Mount Rushmore?

Student 1: Dude, there’s like a secret chamber in Mount Rushmore where the government hides all sorts of classified secrets.   There’s a door under Washington’s mouth or behind Jefferson’s ear or something.

Student 2: That was Team America, retard.

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