Once upon a time, I used to be a capable artist.   Well, cartoonist, at least.

Unfortunately, nowadays, what with working the tenure track and being a new dad and all, the only cartooning I do consists of doodles I make in the corners of agenda sheets during various university meetings.   In the ages past, those terrible examples of chicken scratch  were mercifully destroyed and forgotten when I threw away the agenda sheet, but what with my new hybrid computer, I’ve been taking my meeting notes on the tablet… and doodling there to.   So when I was cleaning off the computer’s hard drive at the end of the year, I stumbled across them, had a chuckle at my pathetic skills, and was about to delete them….

Then it occurred to me, I could show the rest of the universe how bad I suck anymore.   So, here are some doodles with the occasional explanation.

At one meeting, someone mentioned the buzz about an advertising campaign for Komplexify U.   I think I latched onto the word “buzz.”

A very old-looking computer desk, inspired by a departmental discussion about upgrading our clunky desktops.

Probably 30% of all department meetings seem to involve juggling too many math/computer science classes among too few math/computer science professors.   At least this jester seems to be handling it better than I.

I don’t know how many hours of meetings are spent by faculty suggesting novel and intelligent ideas to move the university experience forward that are squashed in seconds for the want of money.   Money money money.

I’m not sure how the “Komplexify University Atheist and Satantist Club” came to be discussed during a department meeting, but it was fun to draw a mascot for them.

It’s a math and computer science department, so we talk about robots a lot.   Robots are cool.

What? It’s a surly worm wearing a Soussa band leader’s hat.   Your guess is as good as mine.

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