Jokes with Einstein

A joke someone sent me for my Math Joke Archive:

Newton, Gauss, Einstein and Pascal were playing Hide-and-Seek, and it was Einstein’s turn to count.   As Einstein counted to twenty,  the other three went to hide. Gauss hid himself behind the couch, while  Pascal hid himself behind the door. Newton couldn’t  find a good place do hide, so he drew a 1-meter-by-1-meter square at the floor and stood in the middle of it  until Einstein finished counting. Immediately Einstein noticed Newton standing in the center of the room, so he shouts out “I found Newton!”

Newton looks at Einstein and says “I’m not Newton! I’m Pascal!”

It’s funny, see, because  1 Pascal = 1 N/m2.

You know… unit conversions?

… a pun? Get it?

Ah, the hell with it.   Go here instead; it’s frickin’ awesome.

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