Tuesday Whosday

Reader submission edition!

Folks have been kind enough lately to forward Doctor Who gags my way, so I thought I’d return the favor and share them with you.

Apparently, Doctor Who mash-ups are popular.   Last week we saw various incarnations of Doctor Who meets Doctor Seuss; this week, we’ve got new pairings.

However, before we get to that, a quick story tangentially related to last week’s Tuesday Whosday.   A couple weeks ago, the Ladybug wanted to bring in a movie to her school for Thursday video day.

“How about Doctor Who?” she said.   “The one when the Doctor meets Amy and she’s a little girl.”

“I don’t know,” I replied.   “I don’t think too many pre-schoolers really like Doctor Who.”

“Yeah,” she agreed, “you’re probably right.   They only know Doctor Seuss, not Doctor Who.”

Okay, now to today’s mash-ups.

I have to start with this epic Doctor Who meets Star Trek painting I got from Rob.   Click to embiggen.

I got his funnier Doctor Who meets Superman sent to me by Eric.

Here’s more subtle mash-up: Doctor Who meets the X-Files, sent by the Queen B.

However, bonus points for extreme subtlety goes to Tristin, so sent me Doctor Who meets Mario.

Thanks, guys!

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