I’m sorry I’ve been away, gang…  I’ve been working three jobs this summer, and they’ve kept me rather busy, whereby “busy,” I mean “3-hours-of-sleep-per-night mountains-of-paperwork logistical-nightmare-sorting payroll-computing assessment-tabulating podcast-creating (with a helping of Calc III on the side),” and by “rather” I mean “Holy fuck I could gouge out your eyes with a spork right about now.”

Clearly, I’m getting a little tense.  Thankfully, awesome komplexifier Tr*st*n has offered to cover one of my classes for almost a week to let me escape and spend some vacation time with my family, but only on the proviso that I actually update the site.

This one’s for you!

One of the advantages of being a freethinker is that I find that there is very little that ought to be held sacred, in the sense that it is a concept for which absolutely no dissenting opinion can be rightfully voiced.  It is precisely the exercise of opinion and the point-counterpoint of reasoned argument that make us unique as a species.  There should nothing that we as a people should not be able to discuss: no idea we must not ponder; no tradition we cannot reconsider; no opinion from which we cannot dissent.

Then I saw this:

The Burger King Bacon Sundae….

A Bacon…


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