Rookie mistake

So I just finished a “crucial conversation” with an irate parent demanding I fire one of my professors for the crime of terrorizing his straight-A student with a failing exam grade.

While demanding to know how this happened, I asked if the parent had discussed with his student in what ways the offending professor had been unable or unwilling to offer help or advice during office hours before or since the exam (knowing beforehand that, in fact, the student had not attended any of them).

“I can’t ask her that! She’d be mortified I’m talking to you right now. I’m just going to relay what you tell me to her coach, and have him tell her what I find out.”

Suddenly the communication issues with the student became much, much clearer.

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Since I’m now working remotely from home, I got up and changed from my sleeping pajamas into my work pajamas.

These are weird times we’re living in.

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Without loss of generality

Grading gem from last week’s exam:

“Select six integers at random. Let them be 1, 5, 4, 7, 9, and 3.”

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Pi daze

What with the coronavirus cancellation, of, you know, the world, my STEAM Cafe talk on Pi Day has been cancelled.

It has been rescheduled…

… For July 22.

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Bad moon rising II

So in the space of 24 hours, both my presentation at the Sanford Deep Underground Lab AND my keynote address at the MAA section meeting have been cancelled.

To no one in particular, I joked: “They say it’s the coronavirus, but I just think the universe just doesn’t want to listen to me talk anymore.”

At that very moment, my Burton Jones plaque — the award for which I was giving the keynote — literally fell to pieces right off my office wall.


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