Eyes on the road

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Say what?

Context-free quotes from the Butterfly:

It’s like The Sound of Music, but with zombies.

I didn’t know that she wouldn’t like being poked in her eyes or ears with a pencil.

Those two cars are exactly alike, except that one is a different color. And it has different lights. And it has a thing sticking out of the top. Also, it’s a truck.

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Face offed

The current season of Face Off has ended, and while I shall miss the victor Nora Hewitt and her awesome make-ups, the contestant I shall miss the most will be Stevie Calabrese, who I can only assume invented Post-It notes before she went into movie monsters…

And if you don’t get that joke, you need (1) start watching Face Off (Seriously.  It’s awesome.) and (2) compare Stevie and Romy.

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Clues that you probably aren’t doing your Real Analysis homework correctly

1. You include the phrase “If we stop and think about this abstractly for a minute.”

2. You invent new verbs you feel need to be encased in quotation marks, e.g. The set A is “functioned” to the set B.

3. You include ANY sentence that sounds like it was pulled from a Deepak Chopra book, e.g. As we move to the infinite, the finite differences between become meaningless and unimportant.

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See you later, alligator

Perhaps you’ve heard about the infamous “crocodile problem” from the Scottish “Higher Maths Exam” (which I gather is something like the AP Exam, but administered in a delightful brogue). It’s a basic optimization problem that nevertheless stumped so many test takers that the grading authority had to set a passing exam score to just 34%.  Here it is, in all its reptilian glory:

Oddly enough, the same problem was administered here in America with some slight changes, and students did much better on it.

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