Zero-sum, part 1

Finishing up writing my final exams.  I am particularly proud of the last problem on my Game Theory final:

Update 1

Sadly, my department head nixed this problem as is; or rather, he wouldn’t let me do it without having students sign a “Human Participant” waiver prior to taking the test… which, in hindsight, would have been doubly awesome:

“Here. Sign this form legally absolving me from any psychological damage this exam might inflict upon you.”

In the end, I changed it to an extra-credit variant, with five points for everyone, unless greedy people decided they wanted more.

Update 2

The results: 22 people accepted, and 1 wanted more.  I had a very ethical class this semester.

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Never bring a differential operator to a knife fight

This is probably my new favorite instructional gif:

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Brave new world

Whilst standing in line at the store, I suddenly realized I now live in an America in which claims by the National Enquirer that the President plans to deport millions of people, crush ISIS with giant death lasers, and build luxury hotels on Mars — “in his own words!” — can no longer be immediately dismissed.

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Speaking of Indiana Jones…

While I’m on that theme…

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