Potty mouth

Fun fact: the sentence “The nightmare caused me to sit upright in my bed” becomes a lot more horrifying when spoken by Sean Connery.

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Moments from Mount Rushmore

A scene from Mount Rushmore:

Ladybug: Dad, was the first President a grumpy old guy?

Me: What?

Ladybug:  Was the first President a grumpy, old guy?  Like, mean?

Me: I… don’t know… He was in his 50s when he became president, I think, but I don’t know if he was grumpy or mean…

Ladybug: Oh, sorry.  I meant Doctor.

Me: What?

Ladybug: Was the first Doctor a grumpy old guy?

Me: Oh.  Ah.  Yes.  Yes, he was.

Queen B: You two are such nerds.

From the same trip, but completely unrelated…

There.  Now you can’t unsee it either.

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DCeja vu

I was watching Man of Steel on FX.  Early on in the movie, General Zod bursts into a Kryptonian counsel meeting to establish that he’s going to be the principal antagonist in this movie.  The Ladybug, who had previously been in her room, chooses this moment to join me:

“So,” she says, “is Batman trying to kill Superman in this movie too?”

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The math joke archive is back!

For many years, I hosted a math joke website through Komplexify U.  Eventually, I moved it to its own site, but seeing as how I am notoriously lazy, barely maintaining two websites was far more work that I was willing to contemplate.

So, without any ado, I’ve moved my math jokes over here to komplexify, up along the page bar under the komplexify banner.


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Maybe Joss Whedon?

First David Bowie.

Now Alan Rickman.

Who put George R R Martin in charge of 2016?

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