Meme the Force be with you

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Student: Hey Professor, can you tell me what grade I’m getting in the class?

Me: An F.

Student: You didn’t look in the gradebook.

Me: I didn’t need to. Evidence A: you haven’t turned in any homework this entire semester.

Student: I thought I could pass with just the tests.

Me: Homework accounts for 250 points out of a total of 600. That means the highest grade one can earn, even assuming perfect tests, is 58%. That would be an F.

Student: Oh. I must have done the math wrong.

Me: Evidence B.

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I cannot tell if I’m impressed or horrified by this eigenvalue calculation:

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According to one student’s quiz answer, Fubini’s Theorem lets us to compute double integrals by turning them into irritated integrals.

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And some, I assume, are good people

Spied while driving across South Dakota:

Well played, Que Pasa.

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