Lady Liberty was a Golden Girl

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SceneThe Butterfly and I are in my office.

Me: That’s a beautiful butterfly you drew on the chalkboard.

Butterfly: Thanks.

Me: What is that big circle above its head with the lines coming out of it.

Butterfly: That’s the bird eating it.

Me: …

Butterfly: See, it flew too high, and then a bird came down and ate it.

Me: …

Butterfly: It’s a cautionary tale.

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With friends like these…

Me: Owwwww

Butterfly: What’s wrong, Daddy?

Me: My leg hurts. I just can’t seem to sit in a position in which some joint in my leg doesn’t hurt.

Butterfly: Sorry Daddy.

Me: That’s okay. It’s what happens when you become old and decrepit and stupid.

Butterfly: That’s not true, Daddy.

Me: It’s not?

Butterfly: No. You’re not stupid.

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Or “break-me”s

Scene: the Butterfly and I are watching the Ladybug doing conditioning at gymnastics.

Me: Ugh. That looks exhausting.

Butterfly: Those are called burpies.

Me: If I tried to do that, they’d have to be called barfies.

Butterfly: Dad joke?

Me: Dad joke.

Butterfly: Look, I’m going to go hang out over there now.

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Lock it up! Lock it up!

I just discovered that the Queen B reset my Facebook sharing defaults to ONLY share my posts with her, who I assume must authorize them before they can be shared with other people.

I’d be peeved about this, except that I’m wondering if we could do something similar with Forty-Five’s Twitter account.

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