Words of wisodm

I didn’t have words yesterday.  I still don’t.  Thankfully, other people do.

From Stephen Colbert’s Election Special:

From The Daily Show:

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Still dumbfounded from last night’s election.

When I told the Ladybug the result this morning, and she was visibly depressed by it. To her, Hillary represented something to aspire to: a woman who studied hard, excelled in school, had a career and a family, and worked for the public good. To her, Trump represented something wrong: a bully who yelled and insulted and belittled the humanity of people she saw reflected in her friends and family. To her, work and diligence equals success, and bullies always get their comeuppance in the end. She just learned that that’s not always the case in her country.

When I told the Butterfly, she just cried, which surprised me. I asked why, and she only had two reasons. First, during the debates, “whenever she talked, he would interrupt her and yell at her; whenever he talked, if she tried to interrupt, he would yell ‘I’m talking here!’ ” Second, all the boys at school like to yell the things their “Trump dads” say, like locking up the girls in jail, or building a wall around the kids they don’t like, and they’re only going to be that much worse today.

What the fuck happened here?

What the actual fuck?

I have no words right now. I might later, but right now my heart is breaking for two little girls.

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Girl power

Ladybug: Ugh. This boy in my class kept saying how if Hillary gets elected, then everyone in the world will be dead three days after she becomes president.

Me: Ooooooooooooooookay.

LB: And he kept calling her “Killary.” “Killary’s gonna kill us all.” Over and over and over.

Me: Huh.

LB: I asked him about why he thought that, and he said it’s what his dad says. He’s just doesn’t her because his parents don’t like her.

Me: Probably. But, then again, don’t YOU like Hillary because your parents like her?

LB: Sorry dad, but I figured that one out on my own.

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Pacific dim

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Return to sender

My department mailbox of full of homework I have yet to grade, but need to soon.

They’re the bills of academia.

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