Ever have one of those mornings when you’re walking to work and you see a bumblebee buzzing near your feet so you kick the air around it to shoo the insect away only to realize that it has actually flown through one of the holes of your sandal and is now inside of your shoe because you can actually feel its fuzzy little body tickling around the underside of your foot causing you realize that “oh crap, this thing could sting me” so you drop all your bags and start screaming in panic as you hop around on one foot trying to undo the Velcro straps on the other sandal while several construction workers watch on in confused bemusement only to finally wrench off your sandal to find that it wasn’t a bee that had flown in there after all but was instead one of those fluffy white cottonwood seeds?


Oh… er… me neither.

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“Dad, that car has pinstripes. If it was also white… and a truck… and a Honda… it would be EXACTLY like yours.”

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Mother’s Day

Early in the week…

Queen B: What I want for Mother’s Day is a clean house when I return home. Not just clean, but scoured.

Me: Okay.

Next few days…

Me: [Scours toilets, sinks, stovetops, vacuums, dusts, disinfects, wood-wipes, etc.]

Sunday morning…

Ladybug and Butterfly: It’s Mother’s Day. Let’s make mom breakfast in bed!

Me: Fine. But if you mess up in any way the kitchen I’ve spent three days cleaning, I shall kill you and present your steam-cleaned corpses as my Mother’s Day present.

… And that’s why we went to┬áthe winery for Mother’s Day.

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Now you’re playing with power

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