Let ε < 0.


Holy numbers

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Young Irving grew up a devout believer in the biblical prophecies of his parents’ faith, and owing to a natural bent in mathematics, was particularly intrigued by the numerical aspects of those prophecies. At the age of seven he surprised his father by pointing out that there was

1 God,
2 testaments,
3 persons in the Trinity,
4 Gospels,
5 books of Moses,
6 days of creation, and
7 gifts of the Holy Spirit.

“What about 8?” his father asked.

“Well, 8 is the holiest of them all!” the boy replied. “The other numbers with holes are 0, 6, and 9, and sometimes 4, but 8 has two holes, and therefore is the holiest.”

This joke is told by Martin Gardner. Legend has it that it refers to Irving Joshua Bush, later known as Dr. Matrix.

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