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Fermat’s last feghoot

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A husband is beginning to worry that the passion has gone out of his marriage. He starts going secretly to a marriage counselor in order to find ways to spice up his marriage and satisfy his wife. The counselor listens, and instructs him to get a bear-skin rug for his living room.

The husband goes right our and buys the biggest bear-skin rug that he can find. He takes it home and drapes it across the hardwood floor. As soon as his wife came home from work, she spied the rug and suddenly grabbed her husband’s hand, took him upstairs, and treated him to the wildest night of passion they’d had since they were both teenagers.

The next day, the husband, truly greatful, returned to the counselor to say thanks. “By the way, how did you know that the bear-skin rug would do the trick?”

“Simple mathematics,” replied the counselor. “It’s Fur Mats Lust Theorem.”

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