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Teach your dog to eliminate on command!

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The following is taken directly from You Can Teach Your Dog to Eliminate on Command, by M. L. Smith.

Would you like to train your dog to eliminate on command?

Hundreds of dog owners who have been through our Shepard House obedience classes in the Chicagoland area over the past 13 years have been enjoying this luxury. It is one of the simplest things to teach a dog, it works at ages above six weeks, and creates a wonderful life-long convenience for both the owner and the dog.

This book will tell you how they did it!

You can establish a conditioned reflex in your dog by associating a special sound, say, the phrase “Do it!,” with elimination. Fifty to 75 repetitions are need to get a functional result. When the repetitions have been adequately carried out, the sound itself will cause the dog to “feel an urge” and respond to it by eliminating anything.

From then on, whenever you say the trigger phrase “Do it!,” even at a strange time or place, your dog will do his best to eliminate almost immediately.

This book is extremely successful. Just click to see the results: Do it!

Thanks to Don Teets for providing the picture of the dog.

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