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Nebraska to repeal the law of gravity

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LINCOLN, NE. Today legislators in the Nebraska State Senate have begun debate on a controversial measure to forbid the teaching of gravity in all institutions accepting state funds.

Wilburt F. Harsheill, co-chair of the Religious Freedom Union of America, testified before the Senate Education Sub-Committee that “gravity is just one of many possible explanations why water flows downhill. To eliminate the possibility of Divine Intervention is an affront to the millions of church-goers in our country.”

In a long and impassioned presentation Harsheill went on to assert that “the secular humanists in charge of education policy in our nation have no explanation for the Ascension of Christ or Old Faithful and that students should be exposed to all sides equally.”

By Massimo Pigliucci.


  1. I really enjoy this blog. Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Casey — 04.30.09 @

  2. I can believe it.

    Comment by Ned — 11.30.09 @

  3. How ridiclous to persue such an idea. I am a Christian and all my life it never entered my mind that beliving in gravity would interfere with my beliving in God. Science and Religion can go hand in hand – one does not exclude the other. Gravity is just the scientific way of describing why the water rolls downhill while Christianity understands that God is the creative and driving force causing gravity to happen. So there. Problem is resolved. Nebraska state legislators, please move on to a more worthy debate. And Wilburt, forbidding the teaching of gravity is opening the door to forbidding the teaching of all Seiences. What you need to work on is getting religion back into school, not taking science out!

    Comment by dennis whistler — 11.30.09 @

  4. Actually, I think this concept has already been presented (although originally concerning humans) as a part of the scientific foundation for the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster). It explains dwarfism too.

    Comment by Sondre — 09.29.10 @

  5. allooo

    Comment by sildenafil — 03.28.11 @

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