Let ε < 0.


8 reasons π is better than e

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  • e is less challenging to spell than π.
  • The character for e is so cheap that it can be found on a keyboard. But π is special (it’s under “special symbols” in word processor programs.)
  • e has an easy limit definition and infinite series. The limit definition of π and the infinite series are much harder.
  • You understand what e is even though you start learning it late when you’re in pre-calculus. But π, even after five or six years it’s still hard to know what it really is.
  • People mistakenly confuse Euler’s Number (e) with Euler’s Constant (denoted by γ). There is no confusion with the one and only π.
  • e is named after a person, but π stands for itself.
  • π is much shorter and easier to say than “Euler’s Number”.
  • To read π, you don’t have to know that Euler’s name is really pronounced Oiler.

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