Let ε < 0.


Mathematical limericks, vol. 3

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If you’re mathematically inclined, you’ve probably seen several proofs that 2=1. On of the more popular ones is the following:

This can be expressed as a three-stanza limerick:

If a=b (so I say)
And we multiply both sides by a
Then we’ll see that a-squared
When with ab compared
Are the same. Remove b-squared. Okay?

Both sides we will factorize. See?
Now each side contains a minus b.
We’ll divide through by a
Minus b and olé
a+b=b. Oh whoopee!

But since I said a=b,
b+b=b you’ll agree?
So if b = 1
Then this sum I have done
Proves that 2 = 1.


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