Let ε < 0.


Mathematical limericks, vol. 7

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pi goes on and on and on …
And e is just as cursed.
I wonder: Which is larger
When their digits are reversed?

Chebychev said it and I’ll say it again:
There’s always a prime between n and 2n.

Man has pondered
Since time immemorial
Why 1 is the value
Of zero-factorial.

Three jolly sailors from Blaydon-on-Tyne
They went to sea in a bottle by Klein.
Since the sea was entirely inside the hull
The scenery seen was exceedingly dull. [FW]

Little Willie was a Chem-E,
Little Willie is no more.
What Willie thought was H2O
Was really H2SO4. [CR]

When calculating polynomial degree,
The minimum value it can be
Is “1″ plus the number of bends.
And remember this too my friends:
The polynomial’s degree is only even
If its graph enters the same side its leavin’.


[CR] by Crifton Robinson.
[FW] by Frederick Windsor, from The Space Child’s Mother Goose, 1958.

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