April 2006

The movie Mulan is very special, and I look forward to sharing it with our daughter. The fabric square and wish that we received in the mail today includes a poignant quote from the movie. The Higgins family adopted Courtney a few years ago. I am told that she enjoys the movie as well! A letter that was sent with the square reads:

Dear China Family-
How excited we are to be a part of your journey to bring your daughter home! We (well, Courtney) chose this fabric because her favorite color is pink and she loves the Disney Princesses! Your Princess will be home soon! We wish you a lifetime of hugs and happiness…and Disney Princesses! God Bless you on your incredible journey!

After almost two weeks of travel through the USPS, a fabric square and wish finally arrived. The square was sent by Terry and Hal Weygandt, a couple I have known my whole life. We were beginning to believe that the fabric had been lost in the mail because it took wo long to get here…keep in mind that it was mailed to the correct address, and was sent first-class mail. Our only thought now is that somehow it was sent by Pony Express, and encountered every weather condition possible (tornado, sleet, hail, snow, hurricane, monsoon, earthquake, etc). Oh well, at least we finally received it!

This is the most common question that we currently receive from our friends and family. And unfortunately, we do not have a clear-cut answer. So, to help answer that question as best we can, here is some background information and the answers that we know at this point. We wish that we had better and more solid news, but that is the nature of international adoption.

Originally when we sent our dossier over to China, the wait time for a referral was between 6-7 months. this timeframe was pretty solid and had held steady for over a year. The dossier was received in china in July 2005, and logged-in at the CCAA on July 26, 2005. That would mean that we “should” have been matched with a child in either January or February, March at the latest. After being matched with a child, people travel approximately two months later (obtaining visas, travel approval from China, and consulate appointments are obtained in the mean time).

Well, shortly after we sent our dossier over to China, the wait-time started extending. From 6-7 months, to 7-8 months, then to 8-10 months. Currently, the wait time is about 12 months, which can mean that we “may” receive a referral by July, then travel in September. At this point in time, we are not going to hold our breath on those numbers. We can only hope and pray that things will begin to speed up. So, keep your fingers crossed for us, and keep us in your prayers.

So, at this point in time, we are in a very long waiting game that just keeps getting longer…………..

An adorable Pooh Bear fabric square arrived in the mail today. Mary, a family friend, sent the fabric and wish all the way from Hawaii. Thank you so much for your generosity Mary!

After work today, I looked in the mailbox and found some more fabric and wishes. The Carl family sent two very cute squares that I cannot wait to include in the quilt. I have know the Carl family my whole life. Maria and I visited Belgium many years ago when we were about 17 years old, and while there we stayed with Marcel and Melanie VanDenBroeck, whom you may remember, also sent a square. This sure is a small world!

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