April 2006

Shortly after arriving to work today, a friend and co-worker walked into my room with a fabric square and wish. The adorable, soft fabric will make a great addition to the quilt. Thanks Sherri!

While in college, I made some wonderful friends through the Integrated Credential program, ICP. A group of about 30 of us spent over three years of school together, bonding closer with each passing year. A dear friend from the ICP, Kristi Dean, sent 5 lovely squares of fabric, as well as a beautiful cross-stich bible verse that her mom created. Please, if you get a chance, take a look at the verse and the accompanying wish. It is very touching. Thank you Kristi from the bottom of my heart. I am amazed at your generosity!

I openned the mailbox today to find not one, but three more squares and wishes. One fabric square, from the Franz’s good friends from Florida, Bob & Juda Randall, honors our baby’s Chinese heritage with a panda bear. Another square is from yet another friend of the Franz’s. The Nielsens are from Kona, Hawaii, as well as Riverside, California (just around the corner from Trav’s parents in Corona!). Although we have not yet met this wonderful couple, they graciously sent a gorgeous square of fabric, and handwritten poem/wish for the baby. Who could have ever thought that the gestation period of an elephant/mammoth could have inspired their fabric choice (See Weekend Getaway, March 5). Lastly, my mom, Judi, decided that we just didn’t have enough fabric (not that I am complaining!). She sent an adorable square of playful monkeys. I love this fabric. Thanks so much to everyone!

I am so excited, my sister Heidi sent some more fabric today! Each piece of fabric holds a lot of meaning. The dog fabric brings tears to my eyes with thoughts of our dog Jason, the kindest and most loving dog in the world. The Mickey Mouse fabric makes me smile. So many memories that I have of Disneyland and DisneyWorld will now be passed on to our daughter through this quilt. Thanks Heidi for a walk down memory lane.

Our dear friend Alison sent three more beautiful pieces of fabric! We love the patriotic square and wish. Very dear to our hearts is the lighthouse fabric. For those who do not know, lighthouses are very special to Travis and I. We became engaged at Point Loma Lighthouse in San Diego, and have visited many lighthouses on both coasts. Thank you Alison for sending us some fabric that is so special to us.

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