Today I arrived home to so many wonderful things that I don’t even know where to start…but I will try.

Travis’ mom sent us a package with some great items: lighthouses from his grandmother Schuler (for those who don’t know, lighthouses are very important to us), a few books for Travis & I and the baby, some Baily winery wine, and some more fabric squares for the baby’s quilt. The squares were submitted by Trav’s parents, Bruce and Patty, as well as our nephew, Dorien Reign. Each fabric square and wish are all unique, and will make perfect additions to the quilt. They also help to describe little bits about the personalities of the people who sent them.

Bailey received a package from her sister Heidi. She sent a Care Package to bring smiles to the Kowalskis, as well as positive wishes for a speedy referral. Three gifts were included in the Care Package: an adorable, plush, ladybug book for the baby, a fun little book called “Bailey,” and finally a wish doll. Bailey was brought to tears by the generosity of her sister. The timing of the gifts was perfect since the slow down of referrals has left us feeling rather gloomy lately.

Lastly, Bailey’s mom sent Bailey a Mother’s Day card. When our dossier was sent to China, we were under the impression that we would have already traveled to China meet our little one by May, thus making this my first Mother’s Day. Well, as we all know, things have slowed down to a crawl, and Bailey is again childless on another Mother’s Day. The card was just what was needed to bring a much needed smile to her face. Thanks so much mom. And, thanks so much to all of our family for all of the great things that arrived at our door today.