Many of our friends and family are very curious about when we will be receiving a referral for our beautiful new baby girl. Our only answer is, “We don’t know.” When our dossier was sent over to China, the wait time was supposed to be about 6-7 months. That would mean that we should have received a referral sometime in either January or February, with us traveling in either March or April. And if you haven’t noticed by now, we still do not have our referral. There are many reasons for this; the two primary being that there are now many children being adopted domestically in China, and the amount of people trying to adopt internationally has risen drastically over the past few years. These two factors have led to an increased wait time for the families who want to start or expand their families through adoption from China. To help understand what has happened over the last year with the referral times, click here for a very thorough chart that a fellow July 2005 adoptive parent has created. The chart shows not only how many days worth of dossiers have been referred each month, but also provides a projection for when we can possibly receive a referral depending on the number of days that are referred each month. Keep in mind when looking at this chart that our LID (log-in-date) is July 26, 2005.