May 2006

We were so happy to receive the beautiful quilted fabric from someone with whom Bailey works! The quote she included is very special. As soon as we are united with our little one in China, three hearts will become one! Thank you so very much Karen.

Cute little purple gingham fabric with stars was given to us today by a co-worker. Crystal is very pregnant at this time, anxiously awaiting the arrival of a baby girl. She, as well as a few other ladies at work are currently pregnant, leading the faculty to believe that “it must be in the water!”

We are almost there. As of today, we have received 77 quilt squares and wishes from family and friends. We have heard from quite a few of you that your fabric and wish are on their way, so we expect a flood of squares in the coming days. However, to make sure that everyone is included, we are extending the deadline by a few weeks. So, all of you procrastinators out there, you have until May 22 to get your squares and wishes in the mail.

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