August 2006

 China cracks down…on Striptease funerals?!?!? 

OK, now those are two words I NEVER thought in a million years that I would see together.  And still, after seeing them, I am blinking, rubbing my eyes, blinking again, and rereading this headline that was posted at Yahoo news.  Here is a link to the news article that has left me saying, “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?!?!?”  Well, I guess that’s one way to get people to attend a funeral.

Well, here we are at the end of August, and still no referral.  This wait is just so very difficult for us.  Last thursday another set of referrals came out…and we were not included yet again.  To help you understand where we stand with the referrals, I have another chart that breaks down the date of the referrals, and the Log-in-dates (LIDs) that were included.

Click on the image to enlarge.

                  August Referrals

So with this chart, you can see that the last set of referrals went through LIDs of July 22.  Our LID is July 26, which means we missed the cut-off by just 4 days (trust me, this fact led to many tears this past weekend).  Also, looking at this chart we can deduce that we should receive our referral sometime in September.  I say this because there are only three days ahead of us (two of which have hardly any LIDs), and the smallest number of referrals in any batch since December of 2004 has been 5…and we are less than that amount!!!  So, I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will be next.  WooHoo!  You can be sure that there will be lots of screaming and yelling coming from the Kowalski household when that day comes.  Keep your fingers crossed and your prayers headed this way.  We appreciate all your good thoughts.  Aloha!

Living in a small town definitely has its rewards.  After all, we chose to live here because we were tired of dealing with daily traffic, housing costs, over crowding, etc.  However, in searching for furniture for our little one, this little town is lacking in options.  Our option…Baby’s R Us, and Wallmart.  Not much of a choice.  So, we decided to take a little drive out east to the largest city in South Dakota, Sioux Falls to search through more options.  SF is located in the far south-eastern corner of the state, and about a five hour drive from Rapid City.  A 5-hour, flat, straight, put on the cruise-control and fall asleep type drive.  Fortunately, there are amazing things to see on the way…

Walldrug (definitely better than we thought),


the Corn Palace (the happinen’ hot spot in the early 1900’s),


and Cabela’s (with a totally cool indoor aquarium!).


After visiting each of these marvelous places, we finally made it to Sioux Falls, and eventually to Babytown – Kid’s Stuff Superstore which offers a plethora of everything baby.  We found and purchased a convertable crib (no, nothing like a convertable car where our little one will be riding around town with the top down!), a dresser and hutch, among other things.  It was a very productive day!  Now we just need to get the baby’s room finished!


With all of the delays with the adoption, there have been many days where I have felt a little sad, knowing that our little one is over in China, and we areLadybug Book still waiting here to receive her referral.  So, a couple months ago, my sister sent me a care package…well, I actually think that it was a “pick-me-up” package.  I openned the box and just about cried because her gifts were so thoughtful.  In the box was a ladybug book…actually a ladybug that opens up to a book (I cannot wait to read this to the baby), and a “Wish Sister.” Ladybug Book Inside

The Wish Sister is an adorable doll who wears ladybug jewelry, ladybug shoes, a ladybug handbag, and a necklace that says “Good Luck…Always”.  The wish that comes with the doll reads,


Ladubug lady

“…because we all need a little wishing now and then. 

Somewhere in the world, at the place where wishing really does make it so, where smiles and good feelings are only a warm thought away, the magical Wish Sisters live.

Every Wish Sister has her own special job to do.  Whether someone needs a little luck or encouragement or simply permission to save time for herself, one of these supportive friends will take wing and show up with a smile.

The Wish Sisters…

Making the world a better place, one magical wish at a time!”


Well, needless to say, I absolutely adore the doll and the sentiment attached.  My Ladybug Lady has found a permanent home on my dresser so that I may enjoy her presence daily, and be reminded that there is good luck in the air.  Come on referrals!


A new week has started.  We are inching our way closer to our little one.  The typical question we are receiving lately, “Do you know when you will receive your referral?”  The answer, no…our crystal ball is not working (and hasn’t been through this entire process).  However, the rumor mill is going strong.  One place I visit daily to get my “fix’ of China referral rumors is the Rumor Queen.  If you notice, I have a permanent link on the side of her page for me to easily find and track all of the rumors that are going around regarding when we will receive a referral.  Now, some may think that the rumor mill may make me a but crazy, and honestly…it does sometimes.  However, our agency is very conservative and never gives us any referral information, so the Rumor Queen site is the place where I can find out what other agencies are telling their clients.  So, what is the Rumor Queen saying?  Well, the next referral batch *should* include our LID, and will hopefully come out by the end of the month.  So, we are keeping our fingers crossed.  Come one referrals, come on referrals, come on referrals…

In the meantime, I am still working on the house, trying to finish the painting and getting things very organized.  With some manual help from Trav, we were able to hang some new fans and lights in our house.  They really come in handy during thses hot summers.  And, now the one in our bedroom doesn’t make that “whom…whom…whom…” sound that has kept me awake many a night.  Oh, blessed silence!  Anyway, I am off to do more chores.


Bailey  :0)