With all of the delays with the adoption, there have been many days where I have felt a little sad, knowing that our little one is over in China, and we areLadybug Book still waiting here to receive her referral.  So, a couple months ago, my sister sent me a care package…well, I actually think that it was a “pick-me-up” package.  I openned the box and just about cried because her gifts were so thoughtful.  In the box was a ladybug book…actually a ladybug that opens up to a book (I cannot wait to read this to the baby), and a “Wish Sister.” Ladybug Book Inside

The Wish Sister is an adorable doll who wears ladybug jewelry, ladybug shoes, a ladybug handbag, and a necklace that says “Good Luck…Always”.  The wish that comes with the doll reads,


Ladubug lady

“…because we all need a little wishing now and then. 

Somewhere in the world, at the place where wishing really does make it so, where smiles and good feelings are only a warm thought away, the magical Wish Sisters live.

Every Wish Sister has her own special job to do.  Whether someone needs a little luck or encouragement or simply permission to save time for herself, one of these supportive friends will take wing and show up with a smile.

The Wish Sisters…

Making the world a better place, one magical wish at a time!”


Well, needless to say, I absolutely adore the doll and the sentiment attached.  My Ladybug Lady has found a permanent home on my dresser so that I may enjoy her presence daily, and be reminded that there is good luck in the air.  Come on referrals!