September 2006

At 9:15 this morning the FedEx guy delivered our daughter…so to speak.  I contacted Travis immediately, who rushed over to my school so that we could “meet” our little one together.  We opened the package and fell in love immediately.  Notice the split pants!!!

So, we present to you, Liliana Yuhuan

Liliana in Blue

 Liliana commander











Liliana was born March 19, 2006 in the Guizhou Province.  She was found by a local villager 9 days later on March 28, which happens to be Nana Schuler’s birthday (talk about a red thread connection)!!!  After a medical examination she was placed into foster care.

She is said to be a clever child.  She giggles when the foster mother plays with her, and smiles to people around her.  She is an active and energetic child who enjoys listening to music (she is definitely our child!) and playing outside.  She is a loveable and beautiful child.  She is also said to be a “heavy sleeper.”  All we can say to that fact is WOOHOO!!!!!!!!

Everything about our little baby excites us immensely.  We cannot believe how absolutely perfect she is.  We feel truly blessed to have been matched with such a special, beautiful, healthy, happy, perfect little baby.  We know that she is heaven sent.  We just cannot wait to travel to China to bring her home.

Now, the waiting begins…again!!!

We just received a phone call…the phone call we have been waiting 14 months for. 

As of 5p.m. mountain time today, we are the very proud parents of a baby girl!!!

Guizhou ProvinceHer name is Chen Yu Huan, soon to be Liliana Yuhuan.
She was born March 19, 2006, which makes her just over 6 months old.  Most of the babies who are referred from China tend to be around 9 months old, so we are overjoyed that she is so young.
She is in the Guizhou Province, which is located in the south central part of China (Click the photo to see where Guizhou is located).
She is currently in foster care, and we are elated to know this since she is most likely receiving more one-on-one care than she would in an orphanage.
The only other information that we have received is that she is healthy, beautiful, and has LOTS of hair!!!!!


Split PantsWe called our families tonight to share with them the wonderful news.  Needless to way they are totally excited for us.  In talking with one family member, the issue of diapers was brought up.  In particular, do babies in China wear them?  Well, truthfully no, they do not.  Instead, the babies wear what are called split pants which are exactly what the name implies…pants with a great big split in them.  See the photo and make your own assessment about what babies in China do when they have to…you know.

This was just posted on the CCAA website.

CCAA August 9 inforThe important part of this post on their site is on the bottom where is says that “The CCAA has finished the placement of children for the families whose adoption application documents were registered with our office before August 9, 2005.”  Now, if you remember, our dossier was logged-in in China on July 26, 2005.  So, our referral is definitely on its way.  DHL received the documents on Friday from the CCAA, and they are enroute to the adoption agencies now. 

With this new information, we can expect to receive a phonecall by Wednesday at the latest (we hope) telling us all about our little one.  So, check back often to see the wonderful news.  Until then, keep your words of encouragement coming.  Your posts mean a lot to us.

Wow, we cannot believe that our referral is actually on its way.  We have waited a VERY long time for this to happen.  And, since we have been “paper-pregnant” for 14 long months, I can definitely say that we are now in labor.  Trav is standing right beside me holding my hand as I do some deep breathing.  Boy have these contraction pains been difficult.


CCAAWell, another week has passed us by without any word yet from the CCAA.  Rumors abound though, with information that spans from receiving our referral next week to all the way in the middle of October.  None of us who are logged-in the end of July believe the October rumor (oh please, don’t let that one be true!), but the one about receiving our referrals next week does hold some water.  As a matter of fact, this rumor has been supported by quite a few different agencies, so we adoptive parents may be disappointed today because we didn’t receive our referral this week, but we are feeling better with the strong hope that we will know our babies next week.  We have heard that “supposedly” the referrals were mailed from China today.  So I like to think that somewhere out there on a plane to the USA, or in someone’s mailbag is a picture and information about our daughter.  And we just have to continue waiting patiently…like we have for the last 14 months (yeah right!)!!!

So, as soon as I know something, I will definitely be posting the information here.  Just keep checking back, and posting comments of support.  We really could use them about now.   Oh, by the way, for those of you wondering about the heading for this post, No New Tale to Tell is the title of a song from the 80s.  The title and some of the words in the song just remind me of where we are right now in this adoption.  Honestly, there really is “no new tale to tell.”  But, you can bet your sweet booty that we will let you know as soon as there is.

Here’s hoping for some great news real soon.  Keep your fingers crossed!

September has been a good month for us, and will turn out to be a magnificent month before it is through (we are very confident of this!  We just keep telling ourselves,
“We will receive a referral, we will receive a referral, we will, we will, we will receive a referral”).
  We both started another school year.  My students are great this year, a marked improvement over the challenging students I worked with last year (challenging is an understatement…my coworker, Stacy, and I had many, many conversations about our students while consuming liquid libations). 

Unfortunately, about a week after school started, I came down with bronchitis that is proving to be a persistent little bug.  After dealing with a week of constant coughing, wheezing, and all of the other “yuckies” that go along with bronchitis, while also working, my body finally said “STOP!!!”  By Saturday I had completely lost my voice, so I gave in and made my way to urgent care to see a doctor.  The doc officially diagnosed me and gave me some meds.  I spent the weekend in bed, trying to recover to make it back to work by Monday.  Unfortunately, like I said before, this is a very persistent little bug.  I am still wiped out today, and am hoping to finally make it back to work tomorrow.

Now, for those of you who don’t know the life of a teacher, taking off a day is not a “glamorous” as it may seem.  To take off one measly, little day, I must prepare lesson plans for a substitute (these are much more thorough and elaborate than what I teach from), most of whom cannot confidently teach 8th grade math and Algebra.  None-the-less, I must go into work (preferably when others are not around), and spend about 1 1/2 – 2 hours to properly prep for the sub.  So usually calling-in sick is something I really have to think long and hard about because of all of the extra work that is involved.  However, when you cannot talk, you are coughing constantly, and also coughing up those so-called “yuckies,” you don’t really have much of a choice.

Elephant and BabyNone-the-less, despite all of the “sickness in the air” at the Kowalski household, we are still on pins and needles with anticipation for our pending referral.  And, now that we have the room finished, we feel that we are ready to welcome a little one to our home with open arms.  So, keep checking back frequently because we should have some REALLY good news to share!  Oh, and by the way, for those of you who remember my elephant metaphor, I thought you might be interested that by the time we travel to China, this adoption will have been exactly the same length as the gestation period of an elephant. Who ‘da thunk?

                 Sooooooooooooooo, COME ON REFERRALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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