After all of the e-mails and posts asking us if everything is Ok…yes it is.  The internet connection here is sketchy at best, and half the time it times out on us.  Frequently, when we start writing, we lose our connection.  So, I’m sorry that I have not been able to post until now.  Life out here is wonderful! 

After much anticipation, I would like to present our beautiful little Liliana Yuhuan!

Because I cannot rely on the internet at this time, I am not going to write a huge post about the day.  For now, all I will say is that it was very emotional, but also more than we could have ever expected.  Needless to say, she was the most amazing birthday present anyone could ever hope for.  When things settle down, I will fill you in on all the extra stuff.  But since I know that so many of you are just waiting to see pictures of our little Liliana, here they are.  So, without further ado…

Liliana Yuhuan

Self Portrait November 13Self-portrait of the day…



Foster mother & LilianaLiliana’s Foster mother saying a very tearful goodbye (She loves Lili very much).



Daddy & LilianaDaddy holding his daughter for the first time. 



Liliana SmilingThe first look at a smile on her sweet – yet wet and sweaty- face.



Nana & Papa Franz & LilianaMeeting Nana & Papa Franz for the first time.



Nana Schuler & LilianaNana Schuler and Liliana discuss the finer points of life.



Nanas' HandsMy Nanas’ hands (Nana Schuler and Nana Franz).



Papa Franz & Liliana“Papa Franz, he might be OK”.



Liliana hair“To all my fans out there…yes, I still have my poofy hair!”



Liliana, too cute“See, I really do smile!”



Daddy feeding LilianaDaddy feeding Liliana for the first time.